Friday, 10 October 2014

FIFA 15: PS4 Review

FIFA 15: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by EA Games

Football, the beautiful game.

It may have possessed nations recently with the World Cup, and thanks to the annual update of this franchise, the game continues to exert its grip on the console generation too.

But it's the next generation of the console which is benefiting from this latest FIFA which takes the playability of the game to the next level. It's largely cosmetic touches that EA's brought to this latest iteration of the game, with facial expressions and emotions being the main raison d'etre this time around.

It's the playability that matters with the FIFA games and to be honest, that's all most people will actually notice when they load up this good-looking footy simulator. And yep, the basics are still the same, but still are eminently worth diving into for a few hours here and there. There have been some slight adjustments to how you shoot, but once you're used to the level of gameplay and co-ordination which is required for you to take a shot at it all, then the fluid play convinces you that anything is possible.

Replays have an added level of authenticity as well, meaning the game feels like it's playing out before your eyes for a second time, rather than simply going through the motions. Player models are more striking as well, with the next gen of consoles giving the people who've made the beautiful game what it is appear equally as beautiful.

As for the gameplay itself, a match doesn't feel as choppy as previous versions have, with the fluidity and speed of the game helping to create a sense of urgency to every single match.

All in all, while FIFA 15 hasn't made massive improvements on what's gone before, it does still show that for football simulations, this latest is more than head and shoulders above its nearest rivals, rather than scoring an own goal.