Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: PS4 Review

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: PS4 Review

Released by Capcom
Platform: PS4

The beat-em-up franchise shows no sign of abating with this mash-em-up of the Marvel series and the Capcom world.
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: PS4 Review

Set in Asgard when the Convergence happens, the game sees you taking on waves of Ultron's baddies who've been thrown together with Mega Man's nemesis Sigma in an ongoing fight to the death.

The plus side of this smash em up mash up is the fact that a lot of the heroes and characters you'd want to play are available for use in the game and can see you creating team ups you've always dreamed of in a game - outside of using toys to craft a fighting game when you're a kid.

The downside is that the story is purely there to service a series of dream team tag teams, rather than to create something coherent to guide you through the framework of what lies beyond.
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: PS4 Review

Graphically, the game's pretty solid, and the cartoony look and feel really does make you think that you're watching a crossover Saturday morning cartoon.

Vocally, the sound's not bad either - something always to bear in mind with a game like this is the impersonators make you feel like you're in the world. And certainly, the Iron Man is pretty spot on.

But it's the characers which are available that will ensure that fans of the game will want to play through. From Captain Marvel to newcomers like Rocket Raccoon, the personality's been packed on well within and it does mean that you can pretty much pair up your dream team combos to your heart's content.

Fighting's easy too - repeated use of a combination punch will unleash a series of auto hits and ensure that your character's wielding a furious and mighty beat down on your opponent.
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: PS4 Review

Marvel's troublesome Infinity Stones play a part in the game as well, and the reliance on these to wield power against the baddies is also a little difficult to master.

All in all, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite has hits and misses; the long loading screen times between short bouts seems utterly ludicrous, and while graphically, the game's high quality, the lag between fights as the cutscenes load up is troublesome.

And the fights are way too brief as well - and while they play fluidly and is easy to pick up, this feels like the very definition of a comic book game - quite dispposable and pleasant enough to play, but hardcore fighter game fans may feel sold a little short with this solid but slightly hollow outing.

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