Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Defiance: DVD Review

Defiance: DVD Review

Cast: Daniel Craig, Live Schreiber, Jamie Bell
Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: M

Daniel Craig swaps Bond's tux for the grizzly outdoors look in Defiance.
He's one of the Bielski trio of brothers who live in 1941 Belorussia and find their lives changed forever, once the Germans invade during World War II.
After seeing his family killed Tuvia (the steely eyed Craig) grabs the rest of them and heads to the woods to see if they can survive - one narrow escape later and suddenly this band of brothers is attracting other stragglers to come and live with them - whether they want it or not.
As the community grows, factions grow between the brothers as they try and keep their freedom. Schreiber's Zus wants to fight the Germans and repel the invaders; Tuvia wants to hold the community together.
But as the Nazis get ever closer, the brothers' find their loyalties to each other, the community and their country are tested beyond belief - can they remain free?
Director Ed Zwick (The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond) does a good job of holding them all together - but after the initial attacks, the pace of the film slows a little and it begins ever so slightly to drag.
Schreiber, Bell and Craig are all good in this tale of family, honour and vengeance but it's Zwick who fails to accurately nail the pace - and despite some of the ideas on show here about how far you go for your beliefs (Craig's Tuvia finds he can't take a soft approach and be an effective leader), it's only thanks to the performances that the film's saved.
Extras: None;

Rating: 6/10

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