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Father Ted: Definitive Collection: DVD Review

Father Ted: Definitive Collection: DVD Review

Father Ted: The Definitive Collection
Cast: Dermot Morgan, Ardal O'Hanlon, Frank Kelly, Pauline McLynn
Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Ah Father Ted.
The comic insanity of a trio of priests trapped on Craggy Island along with their deranged housekeeper Mrs Doyle.
You'd think the comic potential would be severely limited on a show like this - but as many Ted fans can attest these days, this show's as beloved now as it was on its original transmission back in 1995 (seriously - nearly 15 years ago???)
And yet with this Definitive Collection, while it's packed with all three series of the shows and a bundle of new shiny extras (such as commentaries and video recollections of the annual Tedfest celebration out in Inis Mor, off County Galway), it can only go to show how missed Dermot Morgan (aka Ted) is.
Cruelly snatched by a heart attack at a party celebrating the final episode of the third series, his loss is felt by his absence on this latest collection - it'd have been grand to see what he would have made of all the accolades years on.
There's a lot to enjoy here - and most of it comes from the insanity on show courtesy of writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews; everyone has their favourite Father Ted moment - from the milk float trapped Dougal in Speed 3, to Father Jack's Feck, Ar*e, Girls cry, there's plenty to enjoy in this 5 disc set.
It's also a great collection to reflect on the careers of those comedians who made their names with Ted - from Graham Norton to Ardal O'Hanlon, it proved to be a real fertile ground for the talent involved.
Ultimately though this set is about the Father Ted and Father Dougal partnership - from the madness of their Eurovision song contest entry about a horse, to Ted trying to explain that the toy cows are small while the ones outside their caravan during a break "are far away", it's a sweet humorous relationship which will have you in tears of laughter no matter what mood you're in.
Extras: Interviews with the writers and creators; Comic Relief footage with Ted and Dougal; Ted Fest 2007 and commentaries on all 3 series, this really is the best of the bunch for the show.

Rating: 8/10 

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