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Something, Something, Something, Dark Side: DVD Review

Something,  Something, Something, Dark Side: DVD Review

Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment
Rating: M

Family Guy continues to take on the Star Wars phenomenon with the blessing of George Lucas.
And with a foul mouth and an occasional eye in the toilet.
Something, Something Dark side is the sequel to the popular Blue Harvest which was a Family Guy style retelling of Star Wars.
So it's no surprise that Something, Something Dark Side is Seth MacFarlane's take on The Empire Strikes Back, one of the most loved of the original trilogy.
The story is a blow by blow retelling of the original with the Family Guy characters thrown in - Chris is Luke, Peter is Han solo and his wife Lois is Leia.
As ever with Family Guy, it's an all or nothing kind of a show - if you're a teen, you'll love it - and its occasionally foul mouth (one of the Empire's greatest lines is ruined by the gang) - and it does provide a few good laughs here and there. Although to be honest, not quite as many as Blue Harvest did.
That said, there are some amusing moments - some funny antics involving the AT-AT fighters, a bizarre Tom Selleck moment, and an unexpected American Idol parody. The final sequence involving Seth Green is great too - but to reveal too much would ruin the in joke.
When the humour's a bit more subtle, it tends to work a little better than the in your face moments - a running gag about how whiny Leia is makes you wonder why you didn't notice this in the original film.
There are some good solid extras - a fact up rerun of the 54 minute episode is done in the style of Pop Up video and has some humorous and unexpectedly interesting moments.
All in all, Something, Something Dark Side isn't as strong as the previous release; there aren't as many gags per minute ratio as compared to previous episode Blue Harvest- but it provides some mirth and merriment for the most ardent of Star Wars fans as well as fans of the original Family Guy show - and it's not long now until they parody Return of The Jedi&.

Extras: Audio Commentaries; Family Guy Fact-Ups; The Dark Side of Poster Art; Animatic Scene-To-Scene; With commentary by Director, Dominic Polcino; Something, Something, Something Dark Side Table Read; Episode VI: Feeling About This (aka Jedi) Table Read; Transfer Digital Copy feature title

Rating: 6/10

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