Thursday, 18 February 2010

Toy Story 1 and 2 3D: Movie Review

Toy Story 1 and 2 3D: Movie Review

Toy Story 1 and 2 3D
Rating: 9/10
Cast: Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato Head, Andy, Slinky Dog
Vocal cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Kelsey Grammer, Joan Cusack
"You are a sad, strange little man."
The claw, the aliens, Jesse, Prospector, Al's Toy Barn, Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend in Me"; there's so much to remember and love from the Toy Story series.
With Toy Story 3D on its way this year and a brand new series of adventures for the gang just around the corner, it seems inevitable that the first 2 animated films are re-released in 3D to whet the appetite.
But before you scream cash in and protest, hold up just a minute.
The story of Tom Hanks' Woody, the lovable cowboy toy, so beloved by his owner and his friendship and rivalry with Tim Allen's space age toy Buzz Lightyear have thrilled generations of kids - both young and old.
Yet, Disney's pulled out the stops to make this double bill an experience rather than just a back to back screening of the 2 films - with a specially animated opening from the characters to a 10 minute intermission complete with trivia and extra scenes to keep the kids quiet, it's become more of an evening out at the movies.
What of the films themselves? The 3D honestly doesn't add too much to the world of Andy and his toys - it simply lends a level of depth to Pixar's animation that renders it more thrilling on the screen.
And while it's great to see Toy Story again, personally, it's Toy Story 2 which soars - I'd forgotten how close to tears the story of Woody finding his compadres Jesse, Bullseye and the Prospector brought me. There's humour aplenty in the first film but there's a confidence in Toy Story 2 that eclipses the animation and gives it a humanity which is hard to resist.

This is the perfect double bill ahead of the third episode this summer - I can't think of a better way to entertain all the family and to keep the big and little kids happy.

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