Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Zombieland: DVD Review

Zombieland: DVD Review

Rating: MA15
Released by Sony Home Entertainment

From the opening slow mo titles which see zombies taking people out in very drawn out fashion to the final showdown at the end, Zombieland is one hell of a lot of fun.

Basically, thanks to a diseased burger, the entire US of A has been overrun with zombies, leaving just a few survivors determined to avoid being bitten.

The hero is Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), a nerdy student who encounters Woody Harrelson's red neck Tallahassee one day as he tries to find out if his family's survived the apocalypse.

So teaming up, the duo head across America - however, on the way they encounter Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) who manage to con them out of their car, guns and belongings. It appears the end of the world has still brought out the worst in some people -as well as that whole zombie flesh eating issue.

Zombieland is not your average undead film flick - for one thing, it's a terrifically fun ride, chock full of unexpected madness and laugh out loud moments.

But there's one defining moment to Zombieland which makes it so great - and that's the cameo appearance of a certain person (hint - who you gonna call) - it's a rare unexpected moment which helps the film sparkle, crackle and makes it a great night's entertainment.

Extras: Commentary with Woody and Jesse, behind the scenes, trailers and a feature about the zombification of the USA

Rating: 8/10

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