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This Way Of Life: DVD Review

This Way Of Life: DVD Review

This Way Of Life

Rating: PG
Released by Vendetta Films

A New Zealand doco about a family who live life to the full in the wilds of the countryside, This Way of Life is the story of the Karena family - husband Peter and wife Colleen and their six children, and their horses.

But it's also about more than that - it's about a simplicity of life and a recognition of one's place in the world.

Peter works as a horse whisperer and lives off the land - when we first meet him, he's skinning a deer in front of his son Malachi and educating him on how the animal died so they can live.

Although Peter appears to have a philosophy about the world, it's clear not everyone shares his views - within moments of meeting them, we learn that Peter's father is evicting them from the family home because he's selling up. Things get worse for the ever growing Karena family - but over the course of 85 minutes you won't find your spirit crushed at all.

In fact it's just the opposite.

Simply shot and presented in a restrained way, This Way Of Life will win you over and may make you think about moving on and abandoning the rat race.

This Way Of Life is a celebration of the family codes and morals; beautifully shot, it shows what's great about the New Zealand countryside and showcases a side of life - and an attitude - which makes your heart sing.

While some of the story's narrative leaves you wanting more information and you may get a little frustrated with a lack of context over family rows, overall it's easy to see why the film has been so lauded.

Extras: Massively disappointing this only includes trailers for other releases - surely a follow up interview with the family or something else would have helped? A major missed opportunity.

Rating: 7/10

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