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Jackass 3D: Movie Review

Jackass 3D: Movie Review

Jackass 3D
Rating: 6/10
Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius
Director: Jeff Tremaine
There's a moment in Jackass 3D where one of the unlucky so and sos who subject themselves to all kinds of painful madness turns to the camera and says : "What are we doing here?" before the answer returns "Making a hit movie."
And that sort of sums up Jackass 3D - it's the same format as before; Johnny Knoxville and his gang of malicious miscreants inflict various forms of torture on each other for no other reason than it seemed a good idea at the time.
But, my goodness, in places, it's extremely funny.
There's no plot here - a series of skits, dares and moments are pushed together over the course of a 90 minute film. This time around the guys have gone for using a bit of 3D which serves only to demonstrate the pain level inflicted - and also to show facial contortions and how people's faces distort and jiggle when they're smacked about.
There's plenty of gross uses for the 3D in the film - and this isn't the forum to discuss various bodily functions and objects being used (not that I'm a prude I'll have you know) - but the best use of it comes right at the end when the gang is gathered together and a series of explosions ends the film. It's at this point the 3D really sings out and looks digitally stunning - rather than just stuff exploding and coming at you from the screen, the whole sequence springs vividly to life with depth and insanity sharing the celluloid brilliantly.
This film is frequently gross - think bums and air darts, portaloos and bungee ropes and you're starting to form an idea of how it'll all sit together. But yet, as I say in places, I just couldn't help laughing at the cojones (sometimes literally) on display and the minds that would come up with the various situations involved. From victims running a gauntlet of cattle prods and tasers to one annoying a ram with a horn and then running as the poor animal exacts its ramming revenge, there's all manner of bone crunching slow-mo replays and moments to enjoy. There's also plenty of dry retching involved when various parties are outgrossed by their own activities.
But the moment which works best for me is when one of the group finds the tables turned - however, I won't spoil that for you.
I guess what it comes down to with Jackass is how much you already like the format - and how much further you're willing to be grossed out.

This film's been a massive success in America - for certain sections of the audience, and with a few beers and a few of the lads, I reckon it's the perfect mixture of grossness, chutzpah from the team and impressive pranks which you're urged time and time again, not to try at home.

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