Thursday, 4 November 2010

Leap Year: DVD Review

Leap Year: DVD Review

Leap Year
Rating: PG
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

Amy Adams stars in this rom com about a girl Anna who's been with her boyfriend for some four years but still doesn't have the commitment she needs in the form of marriage.
So when she hears that he's off to Ireland for work and buoyed by the tale that on the leap year in Ireland women can propose to men, she decides to take the bull by the horns and seal the deal.
However, after a disastrous storm hits, she's diverted to the small Irish village of Dingle on the other side of the Emerald Isle - and enlisting the help of surly innkeeper Declan (Matthew Goode) she sets about achieving her dream.
Except wouldn't you know it, there's a spark between the two - which begins initially as antagonism and well, you can guess the rest.
Leap Year has been slammed by the Irish for its awful stereotyping of the island's villagers - here they're played as bumbling fools and surly characters so it's easy to see why the film got up their nose.
Also, it's not terribly funny - you can see the jokes (such as they are) coming a mile off and while it's not an original one, sometimes it's about the journey to the denouement.
And this one is about as much fun as pulling teeth. Goode mumbles a lot and Amy Adams just about rises out of the mire - but all in all, it's a real contender for the stinker of the year.
Extras: Trailer and deleted scenes.

Rating: 3/10

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