Friday, 27 May 2011

Monsters: Blu Ray Review

Monsters: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Madman

Set in the not too distant future, opening titles explain that a spacecraft sent to bring back alien samples broke up over Mexico in re-entry. The result of that is a series of alien life forms (which look uncannily like squid on stalks) have taken up residence throughout parts of central America and Mexico - and are spreading.

Rather than nuke them, the government's decided that they will let them be - and simply declare zones of the country in quarantine and infected areas.

Enter into this photographer Andrew (Scoot McNairy) - he's desperate to make his name in the media - but is tasked with returning his boss' errant daughter Sam (Whitney Able) back home safe.

Through a series of mishaps, the pair find the only way they can get back to home is via the infected zone - and so their journey into danger begins...
Monsters is not what you'd expect at all - initially you're introduced to the squid creatures early on and so you're never waiting for a big alien reveal, which robs the premise of some of its tension.

Director Gareth Edwards is also a little heavy on the direction - opening shot after shot are simply about the infected zone signs or military fighter jets heading past in the skies. It's a pummeling to set up the world they inhabit rather than subtlety to get the message across

With a lack of real script (most of this is improvised) it's left to McNairy and Able to make it believable and to have you care. The pair are both relative newcomers both have stunning chemistry together (and are now married in real life) - so while there are dips in the film and dialogue which is simply about asking where they are while navigating the grim reality of it all, it's thanks to these two and their tender relationship that you make it through to the end.

Extras:Cast interviews, B roll, trailer and Q&A at Melbourne premiere

Rating: 5/10

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