Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Dilemma: Blu Ray Review

The Dilemma: Blu Ray Review

The Dilemma
Rating: M
Released by Universal
In this dramedy from Ron Howard, Vince Vaughan is Ronny, whose best mate since college days is Kevin James' Nick. These two are tight and are probably one of the best definitions of bromance I've seen for a long time - they work together and party together.

Nick's married to Winona Ryder's Geneva and has been for years - but one day Nick sees Geneva in the arms of another man.

That throws him into a moral quandary - should he tell his best buddy and risk their friendship and business partnership falling apart? Or should he keep quiet?

It's a mixed bag - some painstakingly raw honest moments are well done and the drama is good too. But with a two hour running time and not enough funny, you may feel in a bit of a quandary yourself about whether this film is good or not.

Vaughan is okay as the suitably downbeat Ronny whose world falls apart amid suspicion and mistrust - and Winona Ryder (who appears to be undergoing something of a cinematic comeback this year) certainly gives her all as the morally challenged wife.

The main quartet are realistic and genuinely well acted to be believable and Ron Howard brings an assured eye to the direction yet The Dilemma lacks that certain kind of pizzazz and oomph which it needs to keep it moving along.

Extras: Alternate ending, deleted scenes, gag reel and a doco

Rating: 5/10 

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