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Tangled: Blu Ray Review

Tangled: Blu Ray Review

Released by Disney
Rating: PG

It's Disney's 50th animated film.

And to celebrate, they're rolling out an animated version of Rapunzel for the small screen.

Mandy Moore stars as the erstwhile long haired princess Rapunzel, who's trapped in the tower by the evil Gothel (Donna Murphy). You see, Gothel knows that Rapunzel's hair has the power to turn back time and make people young again - and in true evil, godmother fashion she wants to keep that power all for her own.

However, as Rapunzel reaches her 18th birthday, she decides what she wants to do to celebrate is to leave the tower and see the lights which appear every year without fail on her birthday. (Unbeknownst to her, those lights are floating lanterns, launched by her parents as they try to find her.)

Gothel says no - but Rapunzel (and her pet chameleon Pascal) finds her life changed by the arrival of thief Flynn Rider (Chuck's Zachary Levi) who is looking for a hideout.

Flynn is coerced into helping - and together, the duo set off into the kingdom

Tangled is a good ole fashioned Disney film - with songs within minutes of opening (complete with catchy lyrics such as 'Don't risk the drama, stay with Mama' and 'I could be called deadly from my killer show medley') it's clearly aimed at provoking a bit of nostalgia within the audience.

But there's a sharp deftness to the script which sees it veer from being a little too old fashioned - and it's enlivened by great performances from Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore who give their characters a real boost from their subtle vocal tones.

Good family fun and a sign that old school simple story telling are still the Disney fortes and trademarks.

Extras: A 2 disc blu ray packs in deleted scenes, storybook openings, extended songs, making of and a 50th feature - as well as a DVD version of the film too

Rating: 8/10  

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