Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Inbetweeners: Series one: DVD Review

The Inbetweeners: Series one: DVD Review

The Inbetweeners Series 1
Released by Roadshow and Hopscotch

A brilliantly scabrous and scatological comedy about a quartet of teenage boys and their misadventures in suburbia, this six part series is hilarious.

Simon Bird stars as gawky kid Will McKenzie, who's just moved into the area and has gone from private school to comprehensive; to make matters worse, he ends up befriending a trio of misfits who're sex obsessed, intellectually lacking and socially backward.

But you can't choose your friends...

Funny, crude, shocking and a perfect peek into teen boy mentality, there's much to love about the Inbetweeners - from bunking off to hitting an amusement park, the episodes are perfectly formed, incisively observed and dangerously addictive.

There's another 2 series to go after this and the excitement of a film as well - so jump in now - just make sure your parents aren't watching&.

Extras: Commentary by writers and cast, video diaries, the making of and deleted scenes

Rating: 8/10 

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