Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dr Who - The Aztecs: Special Edition: DVD Review

Dr Who - The Aztecs: Special Edition: DVD Review

Rating: G
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Entertainment

Back to 1964 for this classic slice of sci fi black and white historical Doctor Who drama.

When William Hartnell's Doctor materialises the TARDIS in Mexico in the 15th Century, they soon discover danger. And things get worse when Barbara's mistaken for the reincarnation of an Aztec high priest. As she believes she can change history....

There's a great central dilemma here and it's well played out by Jacqueline Hill and William Hartnell as the ideals clash. It's a little stuffy in places and takes a bit of time to get going - but it's certainly worth the wait.

The greatest part of this special edition is the release of the missing episode three of serial Galaxy 4 which was rediscovered after years thought abandoned. As the recreation of the missing parts showed, it's a wonder when these episodes are discovered.

Extras: Commentary, docos, production notes - and a good piece of restoring the serial


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