Tuesday, 14 January 2014

An Adventure in Space and Time: DVD Review

An Adventure in Space and Time: DVD Review

Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Entertainment

Released as sci-fi series Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary in November last year, this drama is about the series' origins and creation way back in 1963.

It charts the story of who Who actually was and how a young female producer called Verity Lambert broke through the glass ceiling of the male-run BBC back when it was all testosterone and bravado.

It's also the story of how William Hartnell, the man who played the First Doctor, got the role of a lifetime and then had to leave it...

More than being a story about Doctor Who, it's really a time capsule and a wonderfully poignant drama that oozes love and charm. David Bradley is exceptional in the role of Hartnell, with many of the foibles of the actor being discussed but never used against him in this drama. Likewise Call The Midwife star Jessica Raine impresses as Lambert; but it's the overall production of this piece which gives it such a warm glow.

From stunningly good recreations to lovingly crafted cameos, this piece does more than encapsulate the charm of the show - it's a magical love letter to how the BBC worked, how drama was made and how in a world pre-CGI, dreams became television reality. It's more than something which should be seen by just Doctor Who fans - it's a nostalgic slice of drama for all.

Extras: Brief behind the scenes pieces and recreations of iconic scenes


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