Friday, 24 January 2014

Red Obsession: DVD Review

Red Obsession: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

From Bordeaux to Beijing, this 74 minute doco takes a look at the wine industry and how it's globally changing.

It's also an exploration of wine-mania, and how the new obsession and money lies in the vintage, the reviews and the lengths chateaux can go to to secure their global position. But it's also a warning message over how consumerism is taking over and how the market's more in trouble due to crashes than before.

Simply narrated by Russell Crowe, this doco has some stunningly well put together images and shots - it captures the joy that a good bottle brings to many but it also drains a little of the life out of the subject. Numerous talking heads talk while saying very little and while the scope of the story is an intriguing premise as it sways towards the Chinese influence, the execution is a little overblown and the piece a little overlong.

It'll serve as porn to anyone with a hankering for a good plonk, but the doco could have done with losing some 20 minutes - it works as a TV piece for those interested but unlike a great doco, it doesn't really inspire those who have no interest or passion for the wine other than with a good meal.


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