Monday, 10 February 2014

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor: Blu Ray Review

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor: Blu Ray Review

Rating: PG
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Ent

Here it is then - Matt Smith's final outing as the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who.

In the last Christmas special outing, The Doctor is drawn to a mysterious message which echoes throughout the stars - dragging Clara (Jenna Coleman) along for the ride, the Doctor soon realises he's been summoned to his final battle and that the clock is soon to strike twelve...

The Time of The Doctor is a mournful and glum outing and one which is in many ways, tangled up in all its own continuity to almost be impenetrable to those unsure of the history of the 11th Doctor. While it posits together a story that's practically unheard of for the Doc - stranded in one place, refusing to leave and defending a small village to the last, its only real strong point is the tour de force performance of Matt Smith, who excels despite the layers of old man latex thrown on him.

It's a curious regeneration story in many ways - most of the Doctor's exits force him to face a series of unstoppable odds that he only defeats by making the ultimate sacrifice, thus enforcing his stance as a true hero for all. This one sees the Doctor taking a series of small victories and the writers taking a few liberties in the dismissal of mysteries which have haunted the last 3 years - and it sometimes feels like a slap across the fans' faces.

However, when it comes to the moment we've all been expecting, Matt Smith delivers something utterly heartbreaking and makes up for the 55 odd minutes of head scratching. It's a truly sad end and one which makes you realise just how much he's given to the role - 30 seconds of Peter Capaldi may not add too much, but Matt Smith's brutally quick exit is a shock - and all in all, so is The Time Of The Doctor - it's Doctor Who at its most divisive.

Extras: All of the Matt Smith Christmas specials have been thrown on, as have a couple of BTS pieces.


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