Thursday, 26 March 2015

Zombie Army Trilogy: XBox One Review

Zombie Army Trilogy: XBox One Review

Platform: XBox One
Developed by Rebellion

Monotony is the keyword here in this release which collects together and remasters the Zombie Army games for a package that's a little tough to get fully immersed into, but is perfect to shoot away a few hours.

Set in the Sniper Elite universe, this third person shooter is all about getting the best kills from the marauding undead. Campaign mode in the game sees very little narrative thrown your way other than the fact that there are the undead heading your way in the middle of World War 2.

So armed with only the most basic of weaponry and a kicking foot to stomp those who get too close to you, it's off out into the various levels that make up three chapters of the game. It's simply a case of point, reload and shoot for the levels with the sniper mentality of the likes of Sniper Elite prepping you best for the stumbling masses as they shamble toward you intent on ripping you to shreds and simply killing you.

From a distance, headshots are the only way to kill off the hordes as they shuffle slowly but inevitably toward you. The greater the distance of the shot, the greater your points rewards and the higher your combo rises; but if there happens to be an occult pentagram around, a simple kill shot isn't enough and the creatures resurrect to annoy you even further; fortunately stomping on their heads stops this.

Levels follow a predictable pattern; shoot the creatures, find a safe house and rinse and repeat. Weapons from guns to grenades and mines can be found from searching the bodies so you're never short of something to kill with. In fact, it's much like any zombie game; don't get yourself cornered and you should be ok.

Horde mode is limited fun too; it's simply about surviving wave after wave of attacks from one vantage point before you are overwhelmed; it's here some of the game's frustrations kick in. A slow reloading of the weapon, shots that aren't perfect missing and making you question your own pinpoint accuracy.

Graphically, the game's no great shake; but one feature, the X Ray kill shot is a joy to behold. Like a Dalek exterminating and turning the image negative, the X Ray kill shot slows down into bullet time and gives you the thrill of it passing through the creature. It's gory and fun and a nice touch.

Co-op hasn't fully worked on the XBox for this title for me; hosting matches hasn't paid off with people joining and me being able to join, so perhaps that element is best left ignored.

All in all, Zombie Army Trilogy is no real great shakes of a game; it looks like it's come from a PC and while it's playable enough, its limited replay appeal does make me wonder whether it's simply good for a few gaming sessions here and there rather than nightly gaming.


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