Sunday, 18 October 2015

PES 2016: PS4 Review

PES 2016: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Konami

Pro Evo Soccer holds a special place in my heart.

It was one of the first sports sims I ever played back on the PS2 with my old neighbour. We'd hold bonding sessions, dealing with the world's problems and sitting there, kicking back and both laughing at our appalling balling skills on the small screen.

So, Pro Evo Soccer 2016 is now with us, and at the same time as the latest iteration of the FIFA game - and inevitably, likely to score comparisons. Aside from the fact that PES suffers from a lack of the big football team names, the beautiful game itself is still in tact.

Which is saying something for its 20th anniversary outing.

And to be honest, all of that spit and polish aside, Pro Evo is all about playability - at the end of the day, all tactics and customisation aside, the game is simply about picking up a controller and getting into it - be it with mates or against the computer.

It's incredibly easy to get involved - either in a simple game or a league, thanks to a series of tweaks the developers have brought to the game. From an advanced collision system, intelligent AI system to a new celebration system, there is plenty to get involved in. The celebration system is good too, giving you the chance to choose your preferred method of rubbing it in your opponent's face.

The passing game has been a lot of fun too, with one touch controls working a lot smoother than in the past, and with one boot pretty much finding its destination in a slick and easy fashion. Though, with computer AI in higher levels, you'll need a better sense of tactics and ideas to get that perfect game and to score that goal.

With the exclusive UEFA Champions league being part of the PES series, there's still a good reason to choose this over FIFA. And having played FIFA 16, EA's latest iteration, it has to be said that Konami's soccer game is more of an arcade player, a game that concentrates more on the on pitch activity and the playability rather than the technical feel of FIFA. It's an important observation because the game is more about rewarding the casual player - and not at the expense of the seasoned footy pro.

It's all about the game, and the slick execution of PES and its pure playability and ease of control means it easily hits the back of the net.

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