Monday, 12 December 2016

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers: PS4 Review

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers: PS4 Review

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers is definitely one for the fans.

Essentially a side-scrolling beat-em-up, the game's not really for those who can't get engrossed with repetition. Taking in characters from Adventure Time, Clarence and Regular Show, you have to traverse differing landscapes and simply beat down anything that shows up.

While collecting jewels and traversing three levels within six worlds.

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers very much feels like an arcade game exposed largely on a console as characters can be swapped in and out, and bring different propositions to the table, be it environmental saviours or pure powers of defeating waves of marauding baddies.

Switching characters mid-game is fluid and a clever touch to that side of things, but it does little to switch up the excitement of the game, which fails to fully utilise the colour and excitement of its characters, preferring instead to suck all the personality out of them in favour of nothing more than button mashing.

Ultimately, Cartoon Network Battle Crashers is a relative crushing bore that fails to garner any real excitement or much reason to continue playing level after level.

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