Friday, 23 December 2016

Final Fantasy XV: PS4 Review

Final Fantasy XV: PS4 Review

Released by Square Enix
Platform: PS4

The most anticipated game of the year is also one of the most sprawling and open world ever unleashed onto the console generation.

Delayed and hyped beyond belief, Final Fantasy XV is definitely an experience, and despite being a game that's in its 15th iteration, it also flashes up a title card that says it's a game for Final Fantasy fans and newcomers alike.

That's one hell of a thing to claim given the breadth and depth of the fanbase, but it has to be said, that Final Fantasy XV delivers.

It's essentially a road trip, as Prince Noctis heads across Eos to catch up and marry his fiancee Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and unite the kingdoms.

Gathering his chums together, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, it soon becomes a bro-fest as they all hit the road. They all have personalities and it makes the time with them a real pleasure - it's the distinct personalities which have the edge and add to the game.

The rapport is central to proceedings and also to your gaming as well with Final Fantasy as the threats begin to grow. During the night, Daemons attack the gang and the fighting comes to the fore.

It's here that you feel the initial investment in the characters beginning to pay off. And with photo-realistic interpretations of the leads, it's graphically mightily impressive.

As the threats grow, and the Daemons rise, the bond between the quartet starts to strengthen and the fights become more emotionally affecting. With the ability to chain attacks together and to help your buddies when the rest of the group goes down, there's a real sense of camaraderie that plays off and plays into the strengths of the game.

From magic attacks that draw on elements to simple smash and fight, there's a need for strategy to ensure survival and you can't simply go in all guns blazing.

From driving automatic cars to dealing with the NPCs and their world, there's a lot to explore in Final Fantasy XV and while occasionally, some of the game's elements falter a little under the pretensions of it all, it helps massively that the emotional investment into the core group comes early on.

Blessed with a beautiful OST as well as teleporting in fights and using your mates, Final Fantasy XV is at its heart, an experience and one that will engage for a long time as you head to the final credits.


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