Tuesday, 18 July 2017

NZIFF Q&A - Human Traces

NZIFF Q&A - Human Traces

Director Nic  Gorman talks NZIFF Film, Human Traces

Human Traces

My film is 

The best thing about being at the NZIFF is ...
Two and a half weeks of immersive film watching, being at one of the first festivals in the world to see films from Cannes, eating Tommy Millions pizza while making a dash in between films at Nga Taonga and The Paramount, seeing incredible films with a full audiences projected onto NZ’s best screen at the Embassy.

The Moment I'm most proud of in my film is
There’s a Hectors’ dolphin, a Hoiho, and a New Zealand sealion in it - three increasingly rare species that we need to act now to save.

The thing that makes me the proudest 
Of my team in my film is just making it, after filming through horizontal hail storms, over sharp rocks, next to dead seals and albatrosses, fetid cow carcasses, floating sheep (it was like we filmed in the animal graveyard of the south), in such physical demanding conditions every single day and still managing to be positive, creative, intuitive and energetic. Every day.

The reason I carried on with this film is...
When things got tough was it was a very long walk home.

The moment I think that will resonate most with the audience is
Each reveal, when the story changes gear, and we start to identify with a new character and start seeing the world through that character’s eyes.

The thing I hope most people will take from watching my film is..
An immersive, and at its heart, a very human experience that was designed to be seen on the biggest screen you can track down!

Find out more about Human Traces at NZIFF here!

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