Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cube: Blu Ray Review

Cube: Blu Ray Review

Released by Madman Home Ent

Cube is one of the iconic sci-fi films.
Cube: Blu Ray Review
A 1997 Canadian film which spawned 3 further films, its premise is simple - a group of people are stranded within a nondescript cube and have to escape. But each room contains a series of traps that threaten their chances of survival.

A Cult favourite, this Blu Ray release of the film looks as good as the print will allow, but it's the pre-Saw setting that entraps you into enjoying the release, with its clever twists and smart return to the premise.

Devilish and fiendish the game may be, but Cube has a paranoia setting that makes for compelling viewing as the film goes on.

Still worth a look some 20 years after its initial release and stronger than any of the other films that it spawned, Cube is one film to get trapped in.

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