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24 Legacy: Season 1 Blu Ray Review

24 Legacy: Season 1 Blu Ray Review

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Ent

24 was an iconic series.

24 Legacy: Season 1 Blu Ray ReviewA smart real-time thriller in its first outing, it made a star once again of Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and made a star of a ticking clock as well. While subsequent series became increasingly sillier (who remembers a nuclear bomb going off in the premiere of one season?) the commitment to real-time story telling and thrills was exciting.

24 Legacy: Season 1 leaves Jack out of the equation and focuses on former Army Ranger Eric Carter, played by Walking Dead star Corey Hawkins. Finding himself trapped in a terrorist cell's strike back, the series concentrates on the adrenaline fuelled fall out of what happens next and a widening conspiracy.

As ever, the good and the bad of 24 are on display here - from silly plot developments thrown in simply to fuel the story's shorter run (it takes place over only 12 episodes and still manages to feel padded in parts) to the stronger edges and action sequences, 24 Legacy: Season 1 has its moments.

And it just about manages to grow out of the shadow of Jack Bauer. But it never quite convinces and ends more with a whimper than an absolute bang. It's no surprise that renewal's not been forthcoming, but this is no reflection on Hawkins who gives his all when the story ever so slightly deserts him.

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