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The X Files Season 11: Blu Ray Review

The X Files Season 11: Blu Ray Review 

It's hard to know where exactly to go with the last potential season ever of the Mulder and Scully incarnation of The X Files.

From its opening episode, which dismisses the epic global cliffhanger of the last season as nothing more than a Bobby Ewing in the shower moment to the conclusion which massively sells Dana Scully and Gillian Anderson short, this extended 10 episode run is as mixed as the series has ever been.
The X Files Season 11: Blu Ray Review
Primarily the mythology episodes pull down the series with their constant adherence to arcs and themes that seem less enticing than before. While the central pull of the series seems to be finding Mulder and Scully's errant son William, there are revelations of a science-led rape to deal with.

Much more successful are the stand alone episodes which range from handling the Mandela Effect to a near mute episode that handles the damage being wrought by technology. It's here the creativity shines and the series reminds you of why it was so compelling.

Perhaps it's time for this chapter to close (words which are painful to write) as the hints of what was are so heavily outweighed by the elements of what's gone wrong this time around.

The Truth Is Out There - and it's this.

It may not be time to fully shut down The X Files, but it could be a case of hiatus which could help the show to stand on its own two feet, not crest on the waves of its own nostalgia.

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