Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Blacklist: Season 2: Review

The Blacklist: Season 2: Review

Rating: M
Released by Sony Home Ent

James Spader continues his charismatic turn as Red Reddington as the second season of the breakaway hit, The Blacklist continues.

Teaming up with Megan Boone's Liz, the battle continues against arch-enemy Berlin (Peter Stormare) as secrets continue to be revealed and nothing's ever as it seems. While working episodically, the series also threads in a raft of conspiracies and bigger picture questions while never fully answering them.

Spader's charisma carries a lot of this series through as the darker elements come out, but Megan Boone's Liz also balances things out. Equally impressive this year is the level of guest stars - from the likes of Peter Stormare to Alan Alda (one episode featuring his character ranks among the series best) to Mary Louise Parker and Ron Perlman, the calibre is mightily impressive.

And just when you think things are heading towards getting a little stale, the series throws up an end of season twist that's delicious and spices things up for year 3. Thrilling and entertaining in equal measure, The Blacklist is compelling TV, even if it does occasionally hit a weekly slump.

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