Sunday, 22 November 2015

Star Wars Rebels: Season 1 Review

Star Wars Rebels: Season 1 Review

Rating: G
Released by Sony Home Ent

The Star Wars series shows no sign of abating.

With a new Star Wars movie on the way and the Force fever reaching higher levels, the animated series Star Wars Rebels will satiate the fans to a level that's almost as addictive as the animation itself.

Set 5 years before the original trilogy and after Revenge of The Sith, the series follows a motley group of rebels on board a ship (The Ghost) as they fight the Empire. From an orphan who discovers use of the Force (Luke Skywalker anyone) to a Jedi, the crew's a good mix of characters and give  a spikiness to the Rebel Alliance's birth.

Having the characters interact with old fan faves certainly doesn't harm the show's place in the canon as the 15 episodes play out. Individual adventures loop with an overall theme and build to a conclusion that Star Wars fans will adore. Equally the cartoony graphics are perfect for the vibe; they never stray too far from expected boundaries and yet look bright and fresh enough to attract new fans.

Star Wars Rebels: Season 1 manages to straddle nostalgia and the future very well - it's a great addition to the existing universe and will keep all ages happy until December 17th....

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