Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bronson: Movie Review

Bronson: Movie Review

Rating: 7/10
Cast: Tom Hardy, James Lance, Amanda Burton
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Tom Hardy (TV ONE's Sunday Theatre The Take, Rocknrolla) stars as Charles Bronson, the man dubbed the most notorious UK inmate, in this biographical take on his life and times.
The story is told in a rather unusual and visually captivating way - in front of an audience, Bronson tells us he always wanted to be famous; with his bald head, polished dome and large handlebar moustache, he cuts a comical figure; almost clown-like in his mannerisms and speech - but heaven help you if you mock him - because there's also an explosion of violence around the corner.
And it's merely minutes before the fighting begins; Refn cuts directly back and forth from Bronson's speech on the stage to his taking on a series of guards and battering them black and blue.
Cutting back to his (brief) life before prison, we learn a little more about Michael Peterson aka Charles Bronson - but quite frankly it appears a life of petty crime was only the precursor to a blooming time in jail which sees him thrive; Bronson becomes a star taking on the guards and starts to believe his own celebrity.
However, Bronson the film is a savage assault on the senses - thanks to the stunning and towering performance from Hardy himself; while Bronson's never going to be a likeable character, it's Hardy's performance which makes him so compelling to watch.
There's some great visual touches and an extension of the performance of a clown sees Bronson at his peak - Hardy's mesmerizing turn never sees you off guard; you're 100% sure of his propensity for explosive violence but yet you can't help but watch this portrayal.

Bronson may be a difficult film for some to watch; it's violent and shows no sign that this prisoner can be rehabilitated - but thanks to Tom Hardy's acting and some visually curious moments, it remains a film which will haunt you over you've seen it.

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