Thursday, 25 March 2010

Automorphosis: Movie Review

Automorphosis: Movie Review

Rating: 8/10
Director: Harrod Blank
How much do you love your car?
Well, I can guarantee your love isn't as much as the love displayed by the characters on show in this doco which is out at the World Cinema Showcase.
Automorphosis follows the very American world of art cars as they explain why they love the phenomenon and how it's taken over their lives.
Basically Harrod Blank's doco meets up with those who are most proud of their car handiwork - from the Spoon Man who's decorated his vehicle with spoons, to the man who'd heard copper was good for arthritis and decked out his entire car with copper pennies (as well as a copper jumpsuit), these are all people who have a story to tell and a passion to spread.
Initially, you find yourself agog, wondering what on earth these people are thinking and whether, quite frankly, they're nuts and their hobby is a little out of control.
But what you begin to realise is everyone has a damn good reason for doing what they do and the world would be an emptier place without these guys and gals.
In a film littered with so many visually amusing moments and images, there is no way I could do it justice on this page - you really do need to see them for yourselves. What's engaging about it is that the director is actually a part of this world and is trying to get people into his passion - and with infectious light story telling, Harrod Blank can't fail but to hook you in.

Automorphosis is a brilliantly entertaining look at the world of art cars; and I'd be surprised if you didn't leave this doco feeling like it's time you did some work on your own motor.

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