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How To Train Your Dragon: Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon: Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon
Rating: See Below
Vocal Cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, America Ferrara, Craig Ferguson
Director: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
It must be school holiday time very soon.
The reason I say that is because there's animated fare on the way - and this is the first off the block.
How To Train Your Dragon is the story of Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) a scrawny wannabe Viking, who works as a trainee blacksmith while his Viking father and leader Stoick (voiced by Gerard Butler who appears to be channeling Leonidas from 300 at times) tries to protect their village from the invading forces of dragons.
But while Hiccup yearns to learn how to kill dragons and make his dad proud, Stoick isn't convinced his son's ready for such a task. One day, however, Hiccup brings down the most revered and rarest of dragons, the Night Fury. But when Hiccup meets the creature, he forms an unlikely friendship and realizes that the dragons are not to be feared but rather befriended.
Will he be able to persuade his father in time as well as get through Dragon academy without compromising his new found morals?
How To Train Your Dragon is the latest 3D film to hit - and it's a joy from beginning to end - and a relief to report that the 3D is used as a tool of the film rather than a gimmick. Sure, it's the traditional story of the son trying to grow and go his own way, but thanks to some pretty impressive dragon flying scenes, a sparse (and underused) vein of humour and a gorgeous soundtrack, it'll keep the kids - and parents - amused for 90 minutes.
Once again, the kids reviewers, Jackson and Connor, came along to help appraise the film - and this is their verdict:
Connor: 10/10: Loved the film overall and liked how the 3D was not in your face and was subtly used; he thought the scene which saw the Night Fury dragon tamed was great and demonstrated the good use of well placed humour; in summary, despite admitting to a love of dragons in literature, he reckons this is the best film of the year so far.
Jackson: 8/10 - he liked the very beginning of the film which saw the Viking village under attack and the idea that dragons were pests like rats and mice; he was also impressed with how well the Vikings could draw dragons and was won over by a scene which saw a small dragon steal a fish from Toothless, the Night Fury dragon. However, as is normal with Jackson, he wasn't so quick to decide which dragon he'd like as a pet - and spent a long time after debating the pros and cons&.I'm still waiting to hear.
Overall, How To Train Your Dragon's a good start to the holiday season; with a lot to indulge the actual children and the children within it should see you happily entertained for 90 minutes.

Final rating (using averages from the kids) 9/10

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