Saturday, 15 May 2010

Avatar: DVD Review

Avatar: DVD Review

Avatar Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: M
So the biggest film ever which shattered box office records for 3D films - and non- 3D films finally makes it to the small screen.
Even though Avatar's still performing in the top 20, it was always going to be about the test of how it translates given that TV technology has yet to catch up.

Avatar is the story of a marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paralysed former Marine who takes his dead brother's place on a mission to new world Pandora.

It's there that the Earthlings find themselves in conflict with the planet's indigenous people, the Na'vi (a 10 foot tall, blue skinned cat like spiritual race)

The Earthlings want to get their hands on a rich deposit of unobtainium, a rare mineral which could prevent the energy crisis back on earth.

However, that deposit is slap bang in the middle of the Na'vi's spiritual land - so Sully is sent in (via his own blue skinned Na'vi avatar) to try and see if there's a solution - be it military or negotiation...

Given that Cameron and the WETA team always wanted to set a benchmark with the effects, it's fair to say while they look good on the small screen, they can never match up (yet) to the big screen treatment. That said, thanks to the vivid blues and purples of the landscapes, they still work well. If you're one of those who's not seen Avatar (There must be some out there who haven't) then this version is not a bad way to appreciate what's been created and what's been vividly brought to life.

What that means is there's more of a focus on the plot - which was never the strongest point - although to be honest, it doesn't fare any worse.

Sure - you can argue that this speedy vanilla release with barebones (except for a log in to the Avatar experience) is going to have many fans holding off waiting for the ultimate edition, but Avatar remains a spectacle and an important step in the evolution of film effects.

Rating: 7/10

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