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Dr Who: Dalek War: DVD Review

Dr Who: Dalek War: DVD Review

Dr Who: Dalek War
Released by BBC and Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: PG
The classic series continues to release some solid sets - this time round it's two much loved serials from the 1970s featuring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.
In Frontier in Space, the Dr and his companion Jo find themselves pitted against the Doctor's mortal enemy, The Master (a wonderful final performance from Roger Delgado) and must do everything they can to stop the universe being plunged into all out war.
Following on directly from that is the serial Planet of The Daleks which finds an injured Doctor and Jo trapped on the planet Spiridon. With the Doc incapacitated, Jo finds there's thousands of Daleks waiting to take over the universe - can they stop the dastardly machinations of the Master coming to fruition in time?
The Dalek War box set features two fairly by the numbers Doctor Who stories - but where it exceeds once again is with the definitive set of extras. Frontier In Space was a turning point for the show - for all the wrong reasons. Roger Delgado's final performance was in this serial before his untimely death in a car accident - so the set is tinged with the sadness of what could have been. Shortly after his death, Jon Pertwee decided it was time to move on.
In one of the extras, there's a wonderful look back over Delgado's career and the sense of loss is keenly felt by those providing insight into the era.
Throw in a colourised episode which was thought long lost and it's pretty much the dream of any fan of the classic series.
Extras: Numerous - but include production notes, behind the scenes docos, a tribute to Roger Delgado, commentaries - all perfect for the true fans of the show

Rating: 7/10

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