Thursday, 20 May 2010

Every Jack Has A Jill: Movie Review

Every Jack Has A Jill: Movie Review

Every Jack Has A Jill
Rating: 6/10
Cast: Justin Bartha, Melanie Laurent, Billy Boyd
Director: Jennifer Devoldere
Fresh from the success of The Hangover (Justin Bartha) and Inglourious Basterds (Melanie Laurent) comes this sweet (almost sickly) story.
Laurent is Chloe, a 20 something living alone in Paris and in her dream world, searching for her perfect man; Bartha is Jack, a 30 year old American who wins a trip to Paris from a Coke can - and is promptly dumped by his girlfriend.
So Jack heads to France at the behest of his best friend (a marvellous Billy Boyd) - however, on his arrival he's missing his suitcase. This lost luggage ends up in Chloe's hands on the other side of Paris and despite warnings from her friends not to open it, she does - and falls in love with the contents. And therefore the owner too.
So she decides to do everything she can to find this man of her dreams...will it work out?
Every Jack Has A Jill will find a perfect audience with the romantic; Chloe's the epitome of the dreamer - gazes into the distance wistfully, zones out etc; and Jack is the perfect foil to her; a bit little boy lost with rugged good sadsack looks.
The wheel's not broken here - and Devoldere does little to fix it. Throw in a couple of racial stereotypes with the surly French hotel owner and the English family abroad, and this film is your average romantic drama.
Both Laurent and Bartha play their roles well and make good protagonists; plus there's points to the script for keeping the pair apart for the majority of the film.

Depending on how much you're willing to forgive Every Jack Has A Jill, will depend on how much you'll love it. If you're a little world weary and cynical it'll do nothing to change your world view.

However, if you're prone to dreaming and believing in romance, it'll rock your world.

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