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A Single Man: DVD Review

A Single Man: DVD Review

A Single Man
A Single Man, based on the book of the same name, is the directorial debut of Tom Ford and the film which saw plaudits rained down upon its leading actor, Colin Firth.

Firth stars as Professor George Falconer, a gay English professor who lives in 1960s Southern California. As the film begins - and via viewers' flashback, he's told by a phone call that his long term partner Jim (Goode) has been killed in a car crash.

When he can't find a reason to go on, he decides to put his affairs in order and end his own life.

A Single Man is a stylistically heavy film - it won't surprise you to learn that it's from the same production design team who make TV's Mad Men; in fact a lot of the stylish recreations of the time are perfectly encapsulated on the screen.

A Single Man is Colin Firth's film, I really am going to have to re-evaluate him because he's sensational and sears on the screen in this - particularly in the scene where he's told of his partner's death - just sensational.

Extras: Making of, and audio commentary by Tom Ford.

Rating: 8/10

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