Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Box: DVD Review

The Box: DVD Review

The Box

Released by Warner Home Video
Rating: M

Following on from Donnie Darko and the flop that was Southland Tales, Richard Kelly heads to Twilight Zone territory with this new film based on a short episode.

Based on an episode of the show called "Button, Button" Diaz and Marsden star as a couple just getting by in 1970s Conneticut. One day the doorbell rings early in the morning and the pair find a box on their doorstep along with the message that Mr Steward will visit at 5pm.

When the time comes, Mr Steward (Langella) shows up on their door - and with the offer that if they press the button, they will get one million dollars.

However, if they do take the offer, someone unconnected to them will die&.

The Box is frustrating, infuriating and to be honest, brilliant in places. There's a Twin Peaks/ David Lynch style running throughout which gives the whole story an edge of insanity and a foreboding tone which sees it work.

Langella and Diaz are very good in their roles; Marsden is not quite upto par - but it's Kelly who sees a return to form after the critical drivel that was Southland Tales. Complete with trademark water effects, nosebleeds and Arthur C Clarke, the whole film has a haunting and eerie feel which will guarantee it cult hit status.

Extras: Commentary from Kelly, doco about The Box

Rating: 7/10

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