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Despicable Me: Movie Review

Despicable Me: Movie Review

Despicable Me
Rating: 8/10
Vocal talent:Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Jason Segel, Julie Andrews, Kristen Wiig, Jemaine Clement
Director: Pierre Coffin
Gru (Steve Carell) is the world's number one baddie.
Built like Dr Frankenstein's helper Igor, and with a giant hook for a nose, he's an imposing sour faced figure. The kind of guy who will see a child crying in the street, will make them a balloon animal to help them smile and then pop it in front of them.
However, one day Gru finds his position atop the league table of bad guys is being usurped by a newcomer, Vector (Jason Segel) to the world stage who's stolen the Pyramids and replaced them with inflatable ones.
So aided by a fleet of diminutive yellow minions, Gru decides to unleash an audacious plan to steal the moon and bring the world to its knees.
But once again, he finds his plans threatened by Vector. And to make matters worse, Gru's forced to adopt a trio of orphans (Margo, Edith and Agnes) to help him achieve his despicable plan.
Yet, things don't quite go as planned - and soon Gru finds his life and view of the world changed by this clutch of kids.
Despicable Me has a wicked sense of humour - and an inspired lunacy about it (thanks largely to the behaviour of the yellow minions). The story will amuse both young and old - and it's all thanks to Carell's at times wearied Russian style vocal performance, there's a lot of humour throughout.
There's also a nice amount of sadness and dark tragedy running concurrently through Despicable Me - Gru's a kid who had all his dreams quashed by his dismissive mum's acerbic putdowns. For example, as a child when he tells his mum he's going to go to the moon, his mum simply states that she doesn't know how given that NASA's stopped sending the monkeys. That, coupled with villain envy and some genuinely fun moments, finds Gru given as much of a 3D treatment as the animation around him.

Despicable Me is a delightful treat which will perfectly amuse the entire family.

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