Friday, 16 September 2011

Game Review - Resistance 3

Game Review - Resistance 3

Resistance 3
Released by Insomniac Games
Platform: PS3
Third time is the charm, right?

In this latest from the prolific and much loved Insomniac Games and the Resistance series, it's four years since the end of Resistance 2.

Sentinel Joseph Capelli has given up fighting the Chimeran menace. Now he's in hiding with other survivors, including his wife and young son.
But when Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrives with the opportunity to deliver a blow to the occupying Chimeran force, Capelli must leave his family and journey the harrowing road from Oklahoma to New York City.

However, the Chimera menace is everywhere to be seen along the way - and Capelli needs to be smart and sensibly armed if he's going to win the day.

A first person sci fi shooter with a 1950s setting, Resistance 3 is playable, terrifying and engrossing to say the least.

But it's not just a case of shooting and running, hoping that tactic will save the day. You actually have to be a little bit smarter than the average gamer and work out how best to use weapons so you don't deplete your ammo while on a killing spree; it's also wise to use your brain to realise when it's best to hide and when it's best to try and avoid the Chimera.

However, that's not always easy - and when some of the Chimera, such as the ones which are essentially suicide chemical blobs target you, sometimes you just can't get away fast enough.

Weaponry such as a Deadeye sniper rifle, a nitrogen freezing ray and various types of grenades all get upgraded with constant use - and so ultimately, Capelli becomes somewhat of a fighting force.

The online components of Resistance 3 are also a boon too - by logging on, you can join others to work together to get rid of the Chimera or try to seize areas in combat simulation games such as steal the flag etc. The player cooperative facilities are a great asset to the game and also give you a chance to feel that the gameplay in Resistance 3 is actually global rather than one man taking on the might of the marauding baddies.

The developers though, have wisely chosen to ground the whole game in a human element as Capelli does whatever he can to protect his wife and young son. It's a nice touch with adds a bit of heart to the cutscenes and a poignant urgency to the campaigns as you immerse yourself in this world.

All in all, Resistance 3 is one of the best FPS games I've played - time to sign up and join to protect the future of the world!

Rating: 8/10

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