Monday, 26 September 2011

The Thick Of It: DVD Review

The Thick Of It: DVD Review

The Thick Of It: Series one and Two

Rating: M
Released by BBC

The TV series which spawned the truly brilliant In The Loop film, this is a satire about the inner workings of the British government.

Starring Chris Langham as an inept minister, the series focuses on the fictional ministry of social affairs where policy changes as quickly as the weather. Episodes see the department forced to come up with policy in 40 minutes, focus groups and cabinet reshuffles. But it's a case of the entire cast underplaying their roles, combined with shaky cam that give this a verite feel and deliver such mirth.

However, it's Peter Capaldi as the vicious potty mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker who shines in this series which will appeal to those who loved Yes Minister and who love smart UK comedies.

Extras: Commentaries, bonus scenes, script guides.

Rating: 7/10

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