Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Big Lebowski: Blu Ray Review

The Big Lebowski: Blu Ray Review

The Big Lebowski
Released by Universal Home Ent
Rating: R16
Thirteen years after its initial release, this Blu Ray release of The Coen Brothers' seminal film remains an essential watch.
Jeff Bridges stars as "The Dude" who finds himself slap bang in the middle of a kidnapping after a case of mistaken identity. Things become further complicated when one of the Dude's friends plots to keep the cash for himself.
Quirky and appealing still after all this time, The Big Lebowski is the epitome of a cult film; panned on its initial release, it's become part of the hallowed world of the film lover.
A great collection of extras including docos really adds to the appeal of this set and give it the feel of an ultimate release for one of the most iconic films of the past 20 years.
Extras: Docos, making of, behind the scenes of the dream sequence

Rating: 8/10

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