Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Abduction: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Roadshow Home Ent

So Taylor Lautner launches his bid to become an action star and put those pesky werewolves from the Twilight Saga behind him.

He stars as Nathan Harper, who by a series of coincidences, discovers that he's been adopted and his parents aren't his real family.

Normally, that's cause for a serious rift - but in this case, it turns out Nathan's actually wanted by the CIA and a baddie (Michael Nyqvist) for all kinds of reasons - but predominantly, because his real father turns out to have connections on both sides.

Suddenly, Nathan's on the run with his neighbour, Karen (Lily Collins) in tow...

But the bad guys aren't too far behind.

Abduction is a fairly generic run of the mill action thriller - it's really there to try and give Lautner a new career - look he fights, look he tries to do romantic, look he's shooting moody looks at the neighbour he's wanted for years - but to be honest, it falls pretty badly short. Unless you're a Lautner fan to be frank.

It's fairly soulless and lurches from one action set piece to the next but you don't really end up caring about Nathan, his troubled past and the reason he's being hunted. And is it now the case that Michael Nyqvist is Hollywood's go to bad guy?

All in all, the teen market who lapped up Twilight will love this. Anyone else should really avoid.

Extras: Production diaries, gag reel, brief behind the scenes piece.


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