Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Futurama: Season 6 DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

There's just something about Matt "Simpsons" creator Groening's space age comedy animated show which is so wonderfully insane and endearing.
Cancelled after four TV seasons, it lived on in a series of straight to DVD specials which sold so well, it ended up getting a new series on TV - albeit on a different channel.

This collection of 13 episodes (actually from the second half of the sixth season transmitted on TV) are a great showcase for the inventiveness of a story which centres around a 20th century pizza delivery boy who wakes up in 30th Century Earth - to be surrounded by a motley crew of helpers at a space delivery company called Planet Express.

Time travel, kids TV shows, robots mayhem (courtesy of hard drinking cigar chomping robot Bender) and general insanity are all the trademarks of this show which is often witty, clever and when it wants to be heart warming and poignant.

Stand out eps include Ghost in the Machines, a Bender centric ep and Reincarnation, wherein the Planet Express crew deliver 3 mini eps in the style of anime, Disney and videogame.
IT's this kind of freshness which makes each of the 21 min eps so much fun and enjoyable.

Extras: Commentaries on every ep, a featurette, deleted scenes - a lot of great animation stuff which will appeal to fans of the show and the genre as well


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