Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Event: DVD Review

The Event: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Entertainment

Serialised conspiracy thrillers are notoriously difficult to do these days.

We've become a TV audience after a quick fix of answers rather than a long slow drawn out gradual reveal of a few tidbits of tantalising information here and there (Lost, I'm looking at you here).

So it's really no surprise that unfortunately The Event lasted only one full season in the USA before being canned.

But it's a reasonably good season to be frank.

The story centres on Jason Ritter's Sean Walker, who, while looking for his missing girlfriend, discovers one of the biggest cover ups in US history involving aliens, our future and sleeper agents within the US populace.
Obviously with a story like this, it takes a wee while for everything to become evident but gradually, The Event peels back its onion like layers to reveal some answers for people willing to invest 22 hours of their life in the series.

The problem is the early reliance on flashbacks is a little too confusing to get into and while the programme makers pull this idea after about the first 10 episodes, it does need you to stick with it to get the reward you require - but it's initially a little muddled and difficult to follow for the casual viewer.

Overall, The Event finds its feet towards the end of its run but it's unfortunately a little too late - and while the pilot episode is a creepy, twisty affair with some good solid effects, the show falls foul of itself by trying to be too clever by half.


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