Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shame: DVD Review

Shame: DVD Review

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale
Director: Steve McQueen

Fassbender and McQueen reteam after the harrowing Hunger for an equally in your face and provocative film about sex addiction and relationships.

Fassbender stars as 30 something Brandon living in New York, whose life is a series of meaningless sexual encounters which fuel - and quell - his addiction. But he's kind of in control of the daily routine.

Until that is, his younger sister Sissy (Mulligan) moves into his apartment without warning.

From that moment on, Brandon's life begins to fall apart - with inevitably tragic consequences.

Shame is a powerful and ferocious drama, anchored by yet another astoundingly good turn from Fassbender.

From brooding to explosive, his Brandon is yet another stunning character portrait as he explores his anger at having his sister invade his space. And he manages in places to get you to empathise with a character who's essentially damaged, which is no mean feat given the subject matter. It's a frightening look at addiction and how it plays out in one man's life.

Mulligan's also an impressive presence as she brings out the tragedy of Sissy and she shows an emotional range as hints are made at a troubled past which informs the duo's current fragility.

It's also a drama about sex which somehow manages to make the sex terrifically unsexy, as it shows how Brandon's addiction controls him and makes his life a maelstrom of emotional turmoil.

It's not for prudes either with the nudity right on show from the start - but it's a provocative start and exactly what you'd expect from the team who didn't flinch in their portrayal of hunger striking in their last film.

Shame manages to never be an easy watch; but it's compelling and horrifying in equal measures from beginning to end thanks to stunning performances by Mulligan and Fassbender.


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