Saturday, 22 September 2012

Being Elmo: DVD Review

Being Elmo: DVD Review

Rating: G
Released by Madman Home Entertainment

Unknown to many outside the industry, this is the tale of Kevin Clash.

He may be an anonymous name to many; particularly those outside of puppeteering, but if I say the word, Elmo, to you, you'll know instantly what I am talking about.

Simply shot, using archive footage of Clash's early days, Being Elmo this joyous film will leave you smiling from the moment it begins to the very end. There's an infectious innocence to this tale which will leave you inspired by the man who dreamed of Muppets in his hometown of Baltimore and went on to create one of the most beloved characters of the fuzzy felt world.

Believe it or not, that wasn't just by chance.

There's the irony though of Clash losing time with his daughter growing up because of the demands of Elmo and the continual on the road commitments to the red furry loveable character.

Director Constance Marks has fashioned a simply marvellous tale which is undoubtedly feel good and will leave you with a really fuzzy glow.

It's an inspiration to some and just plain enjoyable to all.

Wholeheartedly recommended for all the family.

Extras: Q&A from Sundance, Thoughts from filmmakers, trailer, and performances from Macy's Thanksgiving Parade


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