Tuesday, 22 October 2013

FIFA 14 - PS3 Review

FIFA 14 - PS3 Review

Released by EA Games
Platform: PS3

The beautiful game has been a relatively hit and miss affair on the PlayStation over the years.

Every time it's come close to winning, some features have helped it score an own goal. So it's good to report that the latest FIFA 14 is not a game of two halves. Well, it is literally, but not metaphorically.

It's a FIFA title so you know what to expect from the sports sim- it's a game of football, of teams and giants and one of players, stamina and skill. Whether it's one on one or with friends, the game of soccer's always been a fun affair on the PlayStation even if there have been some frustrations.

From the start up of the game, there is the feeling this latest is more of a polished affair, with player experience being the main thrust of it. Firstly, the game is a lot easier to play, with animation of the players feeling a lot smoother and more liquid. From kick-off to trying to attempt to score, there's a realism which sucks you into the action.

Granted, the commentary for the most part works well - though there is the odd repetition and slightly generic feel when not much is going on. But for the majority of the game, those corny smooth talkers will keep you entertained as you try and match your wits on the pitch.

There doesn't feel like there's been too much messing around with the game's engine; it's still about passing the ball, creating the opportunities and taking the moment to belt one past the keeper. But it's the flow of the on the pitch action which keeps this title hurtling along. Shooting squarely on still takes a level of skill, but equally as much can go wrong as can go right. Career, seasons and online modes are on offer, as well as the chance to train on the pitch to improve your game and a single match if you fancy a game against the AI or a mate; there's a refined feel to the end result which captures something in the sports sim which has been lacking for a while - class and sophistication.

All in all, FIFA14 doesn't exactly redefine the sports simulator - but for an annual release, it certainly brings a level of fun and addiction to the game - with the chances to relive those golden and disastrous moments with replays, there's certainly more than enough to keep the die hard footy fan involved. And even newbies will garner a taste for the on the pitch action.


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