Monday, 21 October 2013

The Call: Blu Ray Review

The Call: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R16
Released by Roadshow Home Ent

Halle Berry stars as an American 911 call centre operator Jordan in this thriller.

When she receives a call from kidnapped teenage girl Casey (Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin), she finds herself in a race against time to try and do what she can to save the day. But she gradually realises this kidnapping has some chilling parallels to another call she took in the past.

The Call is a relatively thrilling idea, well-executed to start off with, even if it does lapse into predictable moments of tension. Berry plays Jordan with steely eyed conviction, despite the story throwing in the usual twists and turns.

That's the thing with The Call - it's ultimately doing exactly what you'd expect it to do and offering up no real surprises to anyone who's seen these type of movies before. Plus when Jordan's sent home from the call centre and begins to investigate herself, the film loses what credibility it actually had and becomes a routine horror thriller which is a real shame as it destroys what tension it had originally set up.

Extras: Deleted and extended scenes


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