Thursday, 1 May 2014

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Review

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Review

Platform: XBox One, PS4

It's the year 2299 and the world has changed.

Interstellar war is raging and you find yourself slap bang in the middle of said war, given a swanky space ship to fight it all and a desire to be the king of the skies.

Essentially, it's a dog-fighting game, where your skills will decide the outcome of the ongoing war and your timing will decide whether you are good enough to live or to die.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is a game that will either engage you from the start or fail to captivate you. The story, such as it is didn't fully grab my attention initially, as I was itching to get to the space combat, which was the sole raison d'etre of this game. Missiles, lasers and sights are all important as you take on the freewheeling ships that hurtle through the sky, ducking and weaving their way around you.

In some ways, there are remnants of the great BBC game Elite here, as you wend your way through space, shooting ships and trying to land on craft; but the long durability of Elite has been replaced with an episodic feel that interrupts the flow of the game as you fight on and move from one battle to the next.

And it has to be said, for a next gen title, it certainly seems a little disappointing graphically, with alien craft simply dots on the screen as you engage in combat. Even when you fly up close to these craft, there's little to differentiate them and it feels a lot like this is not a next gen title. Repetitive game missions don't add to a great overall feel as well, with simple blast them out of the sky mentality being served up.

A chance to swap to mech mode adds a little, but not a great amount to Strike Suit Zero - even the hardened space combat fiend will feel that it's lacking a little oomph. Overall, Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut may not have enough to stand out from the crowded games and it's a disappointing game, that will no doubt find some fans - but not as many as it could have done, were it have been tweaked for a next gen title and given more than a shiny makeover.


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