Thursday, 18 September 2014

It Boy: DVD Review

It Boy: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Madman Ent

French comedy It Boy (20ans d'ecart to give it its proper title) deals with ageism and ambition in the workplace.

The luminous Virgine Efira stars as Alice Lantins, a 36 year old who believes she could be the next editor of a fashion magazine. But her uptight view on life means she doesn't quite fit in to the perception of the magazine.

When she comes across 20 year old Balthazar, there's an immediate attraction on his part but she's resistant. However, she realises it could help her get the top job...

Light and fluffy, as well as fast-paced, It Boy is a frothy French cappuccino treat. With the leads gelling nicely and the comedy served up light, the film flies along in a purely pleasant way. But it's Efira's film to own and she gives the farcically predictable elements an edge that help the levity of the script along.

Extras: None


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