Friday, 19 September 2014

Minecraft: XBox One Review

Minecraft: XBox One Review

Platform: XBox One

Minecraft is phenomenally popular and its arrival on the next gen on XBox One should come as no surprise to anyone.

It's the formula you're used to as world building, exploration and blocky graphics all come to the fore. But it's all about your imagination and your desire to explore and wile away the hours that will prove your major interest in the game. Random worlds present all manner of tasks and trials - from creatures wanting to get you during the night time after the sun's gone down on all you've created, to crafting tools, homes and watching over animals, every opportunity is here for you to explore.

Factoring in split screening for others to join the creativity gives it all a boost that it socially needs and given that the Minecraft world is a fun one to share, it's a logical assumption to improve that side of it all.

Crafting, creating, burrowing and building all have their fun sides, and if you've played this before, you won't find yourself too troubled by it. The blockiness looks impressive on the XBox One (if that's not a misnomer) but it's the fact they are next gen machines which allows them to live on larger environments that will be the pull for so many fans of the game.

Deeply immersive and thoroughly enjoyable, Minecraft is a boon for so many. Dive in now and enjoy it at its highest quality.


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